Our Forkin' Story...

It was Memorial Day weekend, 2014. I was waiting in line for over an hour at Magic Fountain, the local ice cream shop that was home to many childhood memories.  I was finding it hard to believe how much this quaint little area known as the "North Fork" had changed over the past years.  As a teenager I couldn't wait to leave this quiet, nothing-going-on place, and I would think "I am never coming back here." And yet here I was.  While in college and graduate school I experienced those other places, they only made me realize how special the North Fork truly is. And now, like me, people were flocking here by the thousands for a taste of this beautiful, one-of-a-kind place.  That night I was frustrated by the change, and thought to myself, "Are you f*!@% kidding me?  This is ridiculous!  An hour for ice cream?!"  And for the rest of the weekend, that thought remained...  "Are you kidding me?  The North Fork?  Are you "forking" kidding me??"  And this is where the idea began...

Flash forward to the Summer of 2017 sitting on the beach with my sister, Stacy.  So many conversations over the years had taken place on this beach.  They were mostly related to love, family, and life in general.  But on this particular day, it was something different that came up.  It was our love of the North Fork, and how it would be amazing to start a business to capture and share that love with everyone around us.  Stacy asked me, "What can we do?  We need an idea!"  I answered, "Well, I have one.  I don't know what you will think, but here it is."  And this began our labor of love.  One ice cream cone.  One idea.  One beach.  One conversation.  One family.  One love.  


Co-founded by sisters Elizabeth Doroski & Stacy Wickham Martin

* Annie the Lobster artwork created by the very talented North Fork Watercolor Artist Melissa Hyatt