lobster art.jpg

Meet Annie the Lobster

Annie the Lobster is the northforkin' Queen!!! Painted by local watercolor artist Melissa Hyatt, she is more than just your average lobster.  She can be seen lounging on the beach, swimming, sailing, enjoying the wineries and breweries, dining out at restaurants, attending fairs, hiking trails and so much more!  She loves all our beautiful and historic area has to offer and lives her life to the fullest.  Annie the Lobster is northforkin'!

3 Fun Facts about Annie

  • She is named after the shared middle name of founding sisters Elizabeth Anne and Stacy Ann
  • Her claws were specifically designed with sets of 2 and 5 teeth on each claw, symbolizing our family of 2 parents and 5 siblings
  • Her birthday is December 8th...age not disclosed